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Accommodations in Playa del Carmen

Dive with us and stay close to us!

We can offer you different kind of accommodations for your Playa del Carmen diving-holiday in Riviera Maya. Close to the dive shop, in beautiful Nueva Quinta area or Little Italy, near Mamitas beach club and Shangri La Beach, we can find you budget condos, luxury condos or cozy hotels.

Depending on your budget and the number of people, we have a 2 bedrooms apartment in playa del carmen downtown or if you are with your family / friends we have a 3 bedrooms condo on 5th avenue, the pedestrian road of Playa del Carmen, just 2 blocks far from our dive shop.
Two blocks from the Dive shop there is a cozy hotel with breakfast included in the price.
Let us know what you prefer and what's your budget and we will arrange for you your accommodation in beautiful Playa del Carmen.


Playa del Carmen diving center
Diving Playa del Carmen


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