Cenote Chac Mool

The entrance to this cenote is just few meters after Puerto Aventuras.
There are 3 different water entrance to Chac-Mool system.

On the side entrance we have Little Brother cenote and Kukulkan cenote.
In the main entrance we can access directly at the Dome Room. Here a portion of the ceiling has collapsed under an air dome where the divers can surface and admire a lot of beautiful stalactites and some fossils. In Kukulkan side, in sunny days, we have an amazing light show.

Chac-Mool is one of the caverns which has halocline , means where salt and fresh water come together and creating visual effects.

With its big rooms and maximum depth of 12 meters/36 feet , is a perfect place for the novice cavern divers.
Chac-Mool also offer penetration for cave divers, is in cave diving where we can find the largest underwater stalactite in the world.

General Info
Snorkeling        NO
Scuba diving    YES
Cave diving     YES


Safety Limitation

  • Natural Daylight
  • Maximum 60 metri/200feet distance from the surface
  • Maximum depth 21 metri/70 feet
  • Minimum visibility 15 metri/50 feet
  • Areas where 2 divers can pass comfortably
  • No Decompression Diving
  • Within “Arms Length” of the guideline
  • Not beyond Warning sign
  • Air rule of 3rds, exiting with min. 60 bar/900 psi

Where we are in Playa del Carmen

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