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Cenote Tajma Ha

Situate 29 Km south of Playa del Carmen , is a perfect place for both cavern and cave divers.
The cavern tour take the diver trough amazing places with sun beams penetrate in the water and strong halocline creating interesting mirror-like effects.

During the dive we can see a lot of decoration (stalactite, stalagmite and columns)
and hidden fossils.
In the sunny days is possible to see amazing light show , crossing the cenote Sugar Bowl and than diving close to Bil’s Hole Cenote.

The maximum depth is around 13 meters/35 feet and you can dive in one of the most beautiful cenote in the Riviera Maya.

General Info:

Snorkeling NO
Scuba diving YES
Cave diving YES

Safety Limitation

  • Natural Daylight
  • Maximum 60 metri/200feet distance from the surface
  • Maximum depth 21 metri/70 feet
  • Minimum visibility 15 metri/50 feet
  • Areas where 2 divers can pass comfortably
  • No Decompression Diving
  • Within “Arms Length” of the guideline
  • Not beyond Warning sign
  • Air rule of 3rds, exiting with min. 60 bar/900 psi 

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