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Sep - 2015



A Day of Cave Diving Playa Del Carmen

Plan is stage diving in cave , using side mount equipment.

Early morning wake up , 6:30 am , have a nice breakfast

To get in a hard day , 10 minutes to check on line news and socials , than get ready for the meeting in Pluto Dive Shop.

At 7:45 Marcia , Fulvio and Me meet at the shop and start to load the equipment in the truck , 3 tanks each diver , the plan is a long cave diving , pressure check , light check , video and equipment check , ready to go.


At 8:20 we are on the highway direction to the cenote Dos Pisos , just after Tulum , we do a brief stop in a market to buy some soft drinks and water , is really hot and we need to be hydrated , than we have to drive 1 hour to get at the place , we call the owner to advise we are arriving in a bit , we stat to talk about life and our bucket list , after one hour drive we are at the dive site , it is time to set up gear and take everything down to the cave entrance , after 40 minutes all is ready and we jump in the water , bubble check , equipment check and match , plan review , gas , time and depth , team position and we start our long dive , plan is 90 minutes in….


Descending in a small and silty passage we move on the main line slowly , after 10 minutes the cave open up and show us an amazing place with a lot of speleothems , we stop to take some photo shots and than we move over, 35 minutes in the dive is time to leave the stage tanks , proper signal , switch to side mount bottles and we are ready to continue our swimming in the cave , is beautiful over here, impossible to describe, you need to be in this place to understand what we feel. After 90 minutes into the dive we call the turn around , it is time to go back , we start to swim toward the exit of the cave , at 140 minutes we find our stage bottles , a little bit earlier but we do not stop a lot to take pictures on the return.

Another gas switch and we are again breathing from our stages , 35 minutes a we will be out of this amazing place.

We slowly move in the alley , take some other shot and finally get back to the surface.


We are trained Cave Instructors and dove those places many times but you need to see our eyes and faces after that dive , we smile and the only words are thank you each other ,it is impossible to explain that feeling , we get caved again and we are happy like puppies.

Now is the time to pack all the equipment taking only memories and leaving only bubbles.

Getting back on the highway we are ready for the most yummy roasted chicken in all the Riviera Maya.

In late afternoon we are back at the shop , store everything and prepare the equipment for another day in the Amazing Caves in the Riviera Maya.




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