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Oct - 2010


On the next September 2010 ,IANTD Instructor Trainer  Scott Carnahan will be again in PLUTO DIVE teaching tech courses.

Proud to have again Scott in our shop working with our staff we give you all the info below.
Scott Carnahan September/October  2010
Diver / Instructor Training Plan

Scott Carnahan September 2010
Diver and Instructor Training

September 2010 will be the next training session by Scott in the Riviera Maya. This time training will be done for divers and Instructors in a number of different levels ranging from Advanced EANx Instructor Crossover through and including Advanced Cave Specialty Levels of Side-Mount and Stage for Diver and Instructor. The below calendar is the near exact schedule that will be taking place. Some changes for weather and needs can be made but these training levels are going to take place.

September 27,28,29,30 Advanced Nitrox Instructor Crossover
This is for Adv. EANx Divers who are Scuba instructors from any agency. This is the beginning of being a technical and overhead instructor.

October 2,3,4,5 Overhead Environment Instructor IEC´s
For Cavern Instructors, Intro to Cave, and Tech Cave Instructors

October 7,8,9,10,11 Trimix diver and Instructor
This time is set aside for deeper ocean or sinkhole diving. We will be diving between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel.

October 12,13, 14, 15 Advanced Cave Specialties Diver and Instructor
DPV, Sidemount, Stage – Multistage diving at its finest.

There are a number of prerequisites for all of the levels of training that are going on so please contact Scott direct to get the list of what is needed to enroll at each level. The contact information is below.

Scott Carnahan
Advanced Diver Training Baja California - Cozumel Island - Riviera Maya - Worldwide


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