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Cenote Carwash

Also known as “ Car Wash” no longer was used to wash taxi.

Is sited 8 km outside Tulum in Coba direction.


The entry is in a small lake and for cavern divers is possible to visit the upstream and downstream side.

Once you leave the surface you pass through the roots and fallen trees, looking back to the entrance, it looks like we are under the clouds and few meters away we find beautiful formations.


The maximum depth is around 15 meters/45 feet and you need a very good buoyancy to avoid taking up silt.


General Info:

Snorkeling – NO

Scuba diving – YES

Cave diving – YES


Safety Limitation

  • Natural Daylight
  • Maximum 60 metri/200feet distance from the surface
  • Maximum depth 21 metri/70 feet
  • Minimum visibility 15 metri/50 feet
  • Areas where 2 divers can pass comfortably
  • No Decompression Diving
  • Within “Arms Length” of the guideline
  • Not beyond Warning sign
  • Air rule of 3rds, exiting with min. 60 bar/900 ps

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