Cenote Chikin Ha – Cenote Diving

Cenote Chikin Ha

Located 25 Km from Playa del Carmen, is the first cenote in a system that connects several cenote trough more than 10 km of underwater passages.


During the dive we move in the direction of Raibow Cenote and once we reach a depth of about 10 meters/33 feet strange visual effects can be seen, cause the fresh and salt water start to mix; we call that halocline. Moving close to the surface we can find a lot of roots of many plants searching for the water and creating an underground jungle.


Looking toward to the entrance we appreciate beautiful light effects. The maximum depth is 14 meters/45 feet and the huge passages create a spot for all the divers.


General Info:


Snorkeling – YES

Scuba diving – YES

Cave diving – YES


Safety Limitation

  • Natural Daylight
  • Maximum 60 metri/200feet distance from the surface
  • Maximum depth 21 metri/70 feet
  • Minimum visibility 15 metri/50 feet
  • Areas where 2 divers can pass comfortably
  • No Decompression Diving
  • Within “Arms Length” of the guideline
  • Not beyond Warning sign
  • Air rule of 3rds, exiting with min. 60 bar/900 psi


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