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Cenote Dos Ojos

The entrance to this cenote is just few meters after Puerto Aventuras.

The name means “two eyes” and is situated 50 km south of Playa del Carmen.


Is one of the popular and famous cenote.

The huge system need two different dives to be discovered. Both the dives start and end in the first eye ( east eye ). During the cavern tour you can swim in fresh crystal water and around big columns and stalactites. The first dive leads mainly around the “second eye” (west eye).


The second dive is around the Bat Cave that is a little bit darker but we guide you in amazing hidden world .

Cave divers find a place to plan many different dives. With about 60 Km of explored length and connected to over 25 cenote , Dos Ojos is one of the longest system on the Peninsula. In this location IMAX movies shoot parts of the IMAX film “Journey into amazing Caves” released in 2001.


For non divers Dos Ojos is the perfect location to swim and snorkel in an amazing cave.


General Info:


Snorkeling – YES

Scuba diving – YES

Cave diving – YES


Safety Limitation

  • Natural Daylight
  • Maximum 60 meters/200feet distance from the surface
  • Maximum depth 21 meters/70 feet
  • Minimum visibility 15 meters/50 feet
  • Areas where 2 divers can pass comfortably
  • No Decompression Diving
  • Within “Arms Length” of the guideline
  • Not beyond Warning sign
  • Air rule of 3rds, exiting with min. 60 bar/900 psi


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