Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is located along the coast of the Riviera Maya – Mexico, more precisely in the state of Quintana Roo. At a 40 minutes
drive from Cancun, this old fishermen’s village is now a true turistic station.

The crystalline waters of the Caribbean sea meet the white beaches along the coast and everything is immersed in a green tropical jungle.

This wonderful nature surrounds a splendid little town where everybody can find the appropriate confort, relax and fun.

The heart of the town is the 5th avenida, a long avenue where you can find anything, from the handicraft shop to the Lacoste,
ice cream shops and restaurants.

The location of Playa del Carmen along the Riviera Maya allows the visitor to easily reach various places with a wonderful nature
and obviously the famous Maya ruins.

The Riviera Maya – Yucatan Peninsula


In the western part of the state, 120 km from Merida, there is the most important and better restored archaeological site of Yucatan,
the awesome Chichen Itza: the “ mouth of the Itzaes well ”.

Three undred hectares covered with a rich vegetation and wonderful ruins, dating back to the ninth century a.C. built by the Itzaes.
El Castillo or Kukulcan pyramid, 30 meters high, overlooks the old town and attests the perfect cosmic knowledge of the ancient

At the equinoxes, Kukulcan, the Feathered Snake, goes down the steps of the pyramid to join the snake’s head that decorates the
stairs lower extremity.

This fascinating archaeological and astronomical phenomenon is produced by a series of small luminous triangles that take shape
in the darker side of the main stairs.

The Chichen Itza site, dating back to the late Classic Age, is due to the relationships between the Mayas and the people in the
Mexican area between the years 900 and 1100; after the conquest by the Toltechs in the tenth century, they continued its construction,
adding some eagles and feathered snakes.

The prominence of the seven pyramid-temples on the grass rug extending to the horizon and the existence of at least 500 thousand
residents, before the Spanish arrival , made this town the largest in the world in that age.

What to see:

Chichen Itza, Coba, Palenque, Rio Lagartos, Xcaret, Xelha, Tulum

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