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Playa Del Carmen was once a small and sleepy little coastal town with spectacular beach views whose charms weren’t discovered by mainstream travel, a true unspoiled gem. Over time though, more and more people were able to find this Yucatan Peninsula village and it’s become less and less of a hidden treasure and more like a must-see place for a great beach vacation.


Tourists’ Mecca is located about 45 miles from Cancun and couldn’t be more different! The heart of Mexico’s Mayan Riviera, this tiny fishing village is now home to international restaurants, unique small hotels, and vacation rental homes.


Playa del Carmen has fantastic weather year-round and its world-class diving brings tourists from all around the world.


You’ll find miles of white sand beaches with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea to the west and lush green jungle to the east. There are so many watersports to do, lively nightlife, great restaurants and all sorts of jungle activities.


Known to locals just as “Playa”, having a location along the second largest barrier reef in the world, this dive destination is fast becoming a popular spot for both beginner and experienced divers. There are more than 15 dive sites in a 6 km radius and the boat rides are short leaving tons of time for diving and relaxation.


What’s really cool about diving in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is the vast and various amount of sea life that lives among the gardens of soft coral with visibility that can reach up to 30m/100ft.


If you want to try something really different, then try cave diving in one of the many cenotes in the jungle. Cenotes are the water-filled limestone sinkholes of the Yucatán. Playa is famous for its underwater cave system and is a mecca for the world’s best cave divers. One thing is for sure, diving in Playa Del Carmen, Tourists’ Mecca Mexico will be an experience never to be forgotten!


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Mexico is a place full of enchantment that never stops surprising. The melancholy mixed to the amazement makes this place unique in the world!


The Riviera Maya, stretching from Punta Brava, just south of Cancun International Airport, to Punta Allen just south of Tulum, offer 72 miles of relaxation, adventure, and fun. A unique combination of jungle and sea, an ecological recipe provides a list of eco-tourism activities guaranteed to mystify and entertain.


From simple handmade rustic cabanas in Tulum to spectacular Grand resorts in Playacar, or hidden-away tiny hotel spas in Playa del Carmen, and other places we will keep a secret for now… there are accommodations for every budget and style.


The Mexican Caribbean waters of the Riviera Maya and the Great Maya Reef, induce every day many tourists to the practice of many sports like diving, jets-ski, parasailing and much more.


Along the Mayan Riviera, you can plug in the amazing and mystical Cenotes.


The Riviera Maya offers the world’s most incredible cavern dives. Floating through this dreamland of natural formations in crystal clear water you can feel the ancient and timeless forces of nature that carved the cavern.


The Riviera Maya has incredible diversity, and nearly anywhere you go you’ll find a number of different options for adventure, but there are several locations whose specialty is something for everyone.


Even these adventure centers vary widely, from ecological “theme parks”, like Xcaret and Xel-Ha, to real natural reserves like Sian’ Kaan and Rio Lagartos.


The Riviera Maya suggests a type of itinerant vacation that goes to discovery small realities disseminated along the coast, even in 4×4 crossing the federal Road 180!


Sportfishing, parasailing, tubing, kayaking, windsurfing, and swimming also abound. Further inland, the tropical Maya Jungle offers ingredients of its own, such as horseback riding, jeep tours, ATV discovery rides, nature trails, Mayan ruins.


The Mayan Riviera (Land of Unrivaled Beauty) offers a colorful mix of relaxation, fun, and recreation, along with friendly, incredible services and accommodations that encourage you to “just let go”.


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Mayan Riviera, or Riviera Maya in Spanish, is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico. The Riviera Maya is the official name for a stretch of coastal land from the south of Cancún to Tulum. It includes the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This area of the coast covers 130 km (81 mi), not including the Reserve. It includes many small towns and hideaways, plus nature parks and large resorts, among which are luxury resorts of 5 or more stars. The largest towns are Puerto Morelos and Puerto Aventuras. These are lesser-known but equally worthy vacation spots. Hideaways include Punta Bete, Xpu-Ha, Paamul, and Punta Allen. Major cities in this stretch include Playa del Carmen, Akumal, and Tulum. Cancún and the island of Cozumel are only minutes away by car or ferry. As you can imagine there are plenty of things to do for vacationers of all preferences. Whether you want to relax on the beach, snorkel in the clear blue waters, shop for souvenirs, visit historical or nature preserves, or eat at a plethora of restaurants, Riviera Maya will more then fulfill your vacation desire.


Lots To Do


Swimming with the Dolphins – Dolphin Discovery (998/887-0207) is located at Treasure Island on the side of Isla Mujeres, facing Cancun. Up to six people can swim with two dolphins and one trainer. Another option is Xel-Ha (998/883-3293), a theme park in Puerto Juárez. For under $90 US per person, you can swim for 30 minutes in a natural habitat environment called dolphinaria.


Snorkeling – Isla Mujeres is located close to one of many coral reefs, and the area is popular for its snorkeling and scuba diving. The most popular snorkeling area is El Garrafón National Park. Another popular spot is Bahía de Mujeres.


SCUBA Diving – Riviera Maya Mexican, By far, the most popular destination is Cozumel. It ranks among the top five dive destinations. But don’t forget your dive card and dive log. Dive shops will rent you gear but won’t take you out on a boat until you demonstrate some documentation. You can save money by getting a dive package together with a hotel stay. Cozumel has a lot of diving locations. Some of the more famous are Palancar Reef, Santa Rosa Wall, San Francisco Reef, and Yucab Reef. The Great Maya coral reef is also breathtaking.


Wildlife – No, not the all-night partying kind, but natural Reserves is what we’re talking about here. South of Cancún, near the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, you will encounter the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Here you can enjoy wildlife in their natural habitat. Activities include kayaking, fly fishing, and educational programs. In Isla Mujeres, you may want to visit the Turtle Sanctuary, a reserve dedicated to preserving Caribbean Sea turtles and educating the public about them.


Beaches – Playa del Carmen offers the same quality of beaches as Cancun with fewer crowds, although it is growing in popularity. A few minutes by ferry will take you to the island of Cozumel which has wonderful beaches such as Playa San Francisco and Playa Palancar.


Swimming – If you’re in Isla Mujeres, then we recommend Playa Norte. Anywhere there is a great beach in the Riviera Maya you’ll find a great swimming experience.


Fishing – Riviera Maya offers a great fishing experience. To arrange a day of fishing contact the Sociedad Cooperativa Turística. Alternatively your travel agent can arrange a fishing tour for you. The best months for fishing are April to September.


Museums and Maya Ruins – On rainy afternoons you may wish to check out a museum or two. In Cozumel, Museo de la Isla de Cozumel merits a visit. Mayan ruins are definitely worth a visit when you’re in the Riviera Maya. One notable spot is the Ruins of Tulum, a Maya fortress-city overlooking the Caribbean. These are located thirteen kilometers (8 miles) south of Xel-ha.


There are way too many activities in the Riviera Maya to be able to list them all in a short article such as this one. In the near future look for more articles dedicated to one or a few destinations in the Riviera Maya.


If you end up going to the Riviera Maya, we hope you have a fabulous time there.


To learn more about the Riviera Maya Mexican, visit the Riviera Maya Travel Information site. For more on Playa del Carmen visit the Playa del Carmen Travel Information site. These free sites contain maps, travel tips, and itinerary suggestions, and helps you find valuable services in the Riviera Maya.


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Always go ahead, Scott told that to me.


Now after years of hard work and dedication in all diving industry, our dear friend and Instructor Trainer, Scott D. Carnahan, get one of the highest levels of teaching, he becomes IANTD ITT ( Instructor Trainer Trainer) for Advanced recreational Trimix, Technical Cave, and CCR MK VI Discovery.




From all your students, friends and buddy.


We share the same thinking and we are really proud to be an active part of becoming better divers and instructors, thanks to you and all the knowledge you always share with us.


Pluto Dive Team



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On the next September 2010, IANTD Instructor Trainer Scott Carnahan will be again in PLUTO DIVE teaching tech courses.


Proud to have again Scott in our shop working with our staff we give you all the info below.
Scott Carnahan September/October 2010
Diver / Instructor Training Plan


Scott Carnahan September 2010
Diver and Instructor Training


September 2010 will be the next training session by Scott in the Riviera Maya. This time training will be done for divers and Instructors in a number of different levels ranging from Advanced EANx Instructor Crossover through and including Advanced Cave Specialty Levels of Side-Mount and Stage for Diver and Instructor. The below calendar is the near exact schedule that will be taking place. Some changes for weather and needs can be made but these training levels are going to take place.


September 27,28,29,30 Advanced Nitrox Instructor Crossover
This is for Adv. EANx Divers who are Scuba instructors from any agency. This is the beginning of being a technical and overhead instructor.


October 2,3,4,5 Overhead Environment Instructor IEC´s
For Cavern Instructors, Intro to Cave, and Tech Cave Instructors


October 7,8,9,10,11 Trimix diver and Instructor
This time is set aside for deeper ocean or sinkhole diving. We will be diving between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel.


October 12,13, 14, 15 Advanced Cave Specialties Diver and Instructor
DPV, IANTD COURSES, Sidemount, Stage – Multistage diving at its finest.


There are a number of prerequisites for all of the levels of training that are going on so please contact Scott direct to get the list of what is needed to enroll at each level. The contact information is below.


Scott Carnahan
Advanced Diver Training Baja California – Cozumel Island – Riviera Maya – Worldwide



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Mexico is fast emerging as one of the most sought after tourist and holiday destinations in North America. Many tourists from the United States and European countries are very eager to experience the thrill of a holiday in Mexico. The beaches out here are tourist-friendly and the weather is pleasant all year-round. Scuba diving is one of the most famous holiday activities in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It is the diversity of the underwater flora and fauna of the region that draws thousands of tourists every month to the coast of Playa del Carmen for a playa del carmen diving expedition.


There are certain safety considerations that govern an ocean diving experience and your instructors from the diving center will insist that you should wear a mask that covers your eye and nose. The breathing tube’s mouthpiece should fit comfortably under your lips and between your teeth. All these measures are aimed at providing you with the best playa del carmen diving experience that you will cherish for a long time.


While you are out on a dive in the ocean off the coast of Playa del Carmen, you will have to keep in mind the training that you have received at the diving center with regard to the care that you have to give for the proper conditioning of your diving equipment. For instance, to keep the mask from fogging, you will have to rinse the lens before diving with a defogging solution. It is the meticulousness that you show in caring for your diving equipment that will make sure that you have a safe ocean diving experience.


Scuba diving means swimming safely underwater with your own air supply. Most diving centers in Playa del Carmen offer instructions on diving in the area. You have to make sure that the instructor is certified by a reputable agency such as the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Most instructors will insist on a medical examination by a physician and a swimming test before taking you out on a diving lesson. This is done to ensure that you have the right kind of medical health and attitude to undertake the playa del carmen diving experience.


Any course on ocean diving includes fifteen to thirty hours of classroom and confined water training in a pool or enclosed water body and at least three to five supervised open water dives. The right underwater swimming style is very important while going for an ocean diving experience. Your diving center trainer will advise you to use a slow rhythmical flutter kick from the hips, keeping your knees slightly bent and toes pointed away from the body. This is one of the best techniques for swimming underwater and lessens the risk of cramps. All this information is available readily if you avail of the services of the playa del carmen diving center. It is always best to enjoy your holiday activity under the guidance and supervision of experts so that you have a memorable experience.



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A Mexican holiday is what is desired by young professionals who are looking for an exciting getaway that is filled with a lot of fun-filled activities and relaxation. The holidays that you spend in Mexico are filled with hours of fun and frolic and there are quite a bit of holiday activities that are available for those of you who are inclined to have a bit of adventure while you are on a holiday in Mexico. One of the most popular holiday activities that you must try out with your holiday group on your next visit to Playa del Carmen is scuba diving. The playa del carmen diving experiences are said to be among the best dives in all the top tourist destinations the world over.


It is better to get the services from a diving center in Playa del Carmen if you are interested in going on a dive as you will have the benefit of local expertise while planning your diving trip. The knowledge of the local coast is an invaluable experience and cannot be substituted by perusing some written material on diving. Each part of the coast in Playa del Carmen is unique. Some areas have shallow diving sites whereas some others are suitable for a deep-sea playa del carmen diving expedition. It is the intimate knowledge of ocean features like these that will determine the success of your diving trip.


The personnel and instructors in these centers will be extremely familiar with the playa del carmen diving conditions and will be able to give you the correct advice on the local weather before you actually set out for the dive with the other members of your holiday group. Many diving centers in Playa del Carmen offer an induction program to assess your capabilities. This is to make sure that you do not have any issues while enjoying your scuba diving outing in Playa del Carmen.


There is a set routine that you have to follow while you prepare yourself for an ocean diving experience. The first step is to remain afloat for fifteen minutes and swim about two hundred meters at a stretch. This is a routine that you should not skip as it will familiarize you with the waters that you are about to dive in and also give you a real assessment of your capabilities. This test routine also will sensitize you to the temperature of the water so that you will be quite comfortable during the dive. In addition to this, you have to swim underwater for a few minutes under the supervision of a diving instructor from your Playa del Carmen diving center.


At greater depths, the playa del carmen diving instructors recommend the use of rigid atmospheric diving systems that allow the diver to breathe under normal pressure. It is the combination of the right kind of equipment coupled with an understanding of the local diving spots that the instructors of the Playa del Carmen diving center make sure that you get the best possible diving experience after enrolling for their courses.



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What do you like to do when you are on a holiday with friends in an exotic global tourist destination like Mexico? Do you laze around taking in the sun and the pleasant weather of the area or do you lookout for some exciting adventures that you can undertake during the trip? Most of us would like to take part in some group activities so that we can share the feeling of togetherness in a setting that is quite different from what we are used to. Tourists who frequent Play del Carmen are quite particular about arranging a scuba diving experience for having a good time with their friends.


You can get to explore the coast with the other members of the holiday group and spend hours in the water.


The first rule of ocean diving is: never dive alone. So, if you are planning to take up this holiday activity on your own, ask for a partner diver from the diving center at Playa del Carmen. This is a safety measure that you should follow so that you and the other diver can be responsible for each other’s safety. Before going into the water, the diving instructor from the diving club will check each and every vale of the scuba diving equipment. This is the kind of quality service that you can expect when you have experienced diving personnel to guide you through the playa del carmen diving expedition.


The instructors of the diving center in Playa del Carmen are certified to train amateur divers and they go through a rigorous training course that acquaints them with the current trends in diving. For instance, your instructor will be able to tell you that the fins that you choose for your diving expedition should fit like shoes whether they have full foot pockets or open heel strap and that a large stiff fin can give the greatest thrust while you propel yourself under the water. It is no secret that a dive is successful if you can conserve your energy by choosing the right kind of equipment while planning for a playa del carmen diving expedition.


If you plan your diving expedition by using the services of a diving center in Playa del Carmen, you would not have to worry about the pre-dive checks that you would have to complete before starting your playa del carmen diving trip. For example, your diving instructor from the diving center will tell you that you should select a mask that combines the greatest field of vision with the smallest space between your eyes and the ocean water.


The instructor will also ensure that the sides of the mask are reasonably soft and have tapered edges that conform to your face. You should choose to plan your diving expedition with a Playa Del Carmen diving center for the expertise and experience that is offered by the instructors. You can be certain of an absolutely safe Mexico diving experience under the watchful eyes of the instructors.



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You have to head out to a destination like Mexico to get your life back on track after spending a hectic time at work. It is the natural beauty of places like Playa del Carmen that hold your attention the first time you visit it and you would want to keep coming back for more to try out all the activities that are lined up for you by the tourist friendly businesses out there. The kind of holiday activities that tourists take up depends a lot on the type of holiday destination that they visit. People visiting Playa del Carmen prefer to go on a diving expedition to have a fun time underwater exploring the relief features of the beautiful coast in the area. Tourists who visit this Mexican tourist spot are very keen to try out scuba diving as the coast around here is one of the most scenic underwater destinations in this part of the world.


People like to do something different and exciting when they are out on holidays, as it is the thrill of doing something new and out of the ordinary that appeals to the tourists. Going on a playa del carmen diving trip should rank high on the list of priorities of any tourist visiting the area. You should scout the dive locations in the area before talking to the diving center for scheduling a dive off Playa del Carmen. By visiting the potential locations prior to the dive, you would have an idea of the ocean conditions of the area and will be therefore able to assess whether you would be able to successfully complete the diving expedition or not.


There is no substitute for preparation when you plan a playa del carmen diving trip as you would be encountering a new world when you dive under the water. It is quite natural to expect a new sensory experience when you are diving off the coast of Playa del Carmen with the instructors from the diving center. There are some checklists that you have to go through before the diving trip for ensuring your safety and for ascertaining whether you are physically and mentally prepared for your playa del carmen diving trip. Your instructors from the diving center in Playa del Carmen will ensure that you are equipped with all the safety equipment to complete the underwater diving expedition successfully with the other members in your holiday group.


Some of the best diving centers in Playa del Carmen give you the freedom to choose the kind of training that you want to undertake before setting out on your playa del carmen diving trip as it is the customization that adds to the satisfaction of their customers. You can choose the beginner’s course if you are new to the sport of diving or you can opt for an advanced course if you are confident of your capabilities as a diver, but want to know more on the local underwater conditions to make your mexico diving experience a success.



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Mexico is a favored North American tourist destination with a variety of tourist hot spots that offer the global tourist a mélange of activities that they can undergo while holidaying here with their friends and family. Diving is one of the more exciting pastimes that you can choose for your self when you are out on a holiday in Playa del Carmen. Scuba diving is one of the vacation pursuits that you could consider like the water around here is very clear and inviting and ideal for a diving expedition. You could have hours of pleasure exploring the wonders of the coast in the playa del carmen diving tour.


Diving is a sport that should be relaxing and enjoyable as it acquaints you with a whole new world that exists under the water. It is an experience that you will love to share with your friends once you get back from the holiday. So, it is always best that you choose a diving center that has experienced personnel who have knowledge of the local climatic conditions. This will ensure that you have an exciting playa del carmen diving experience with your friends and other members of the holiday group.


The equipment that you need to go out on a dive can be bought on rent from the diving center. The benefit that you would derive from this is that all the equipment would have been checked by their experts for quality and you would have an absolutely stress free time while preparing for your playa del carmen diving expedition.


Ensure that the diving instructors are certified by reputed agencies like PADI. This will ensure that you get the best kind of coaching that is on offer at the top tourist destinations in the world and will go a long way in making sure that your Mexico diving experience is pleasurable. The diving instructors should furnish all the information that you need about the safety aspects of going on a dive so that you can enjoy the activity completely with others in your holiday group.


It is also important to have a basic understanding of the ocean currents while preparing for your playa del carmen diving expedition. It is the underwater currents that will determine whether you will have a trouble-free time while diving off the coast of the tourist destination and therefore, it is very important that you have a good understanding of the local underwater conditions before setting foot on the water. You can enroll yourself in a preparatory course that is offered by the diving centers here and get a brief idea of the ocean-related information that you should be aware of before beginning your diving trip.


Make sure that the diving instructors at your Playa Del Carmen diving center are qualified and have the current information on the diving techniques before signing up for a Mexico diving course. This will make sure that you get an unparalleled experience when you go out on a dive with your instructors off the coast of Playa del Carmen.