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Oct - 2020

Female divers and male divers seem to view the world a little differently. Many male divers feel that the experience must be intense in order to “count” for something. For example, they may state that it is not a dive unless it has a strong current involved or unless a dangerous sea creature makes an appearance. Men tell stories to impress but seem to forget that a regular dive is also a valuable experience. A dive does not have to be dangerous in order to be exciting. Mandy Shackleton, who works as a marine scientist at Hull University, released a research study several years ago and included her reasoning behind why women are better at diving than men. Are her findings valid? Is it true that women excel in this area, and why is that the case?


Hormonal Advantages

Men are typically thrill-seekers. They are interested in finding something new and exciting while diving, so their bodies give off more adrenaline, testosterone, and cortisol during the experience. As a result, they may engage in riskier behaviors. This same concept applies to driving; Dr. Magnus Johnson, a professor at Hull University, believes men may engage in riskier driving in front of a female companion in order to look good to her. Women, however, are different and are more cautious while driving.



Women pick up on non-verbal cues and are able to use what they see to help determine what they should do. Because divers cannot use their words to convey meaning, non-verbal communication is essential under the water. Women, therefore, seem to have a natural advantage in this area, something that both Nancy Briton and Nigel Forman discussed in their research. As a result of this, women seem to be more efficient divers and are able to deal with any changes as they arise.


According to Michael Messner, who works for the University of Southern California, men typically have less body fat than women. Therefore, women have more natural buoyancy, something that can be corrected with additional weights. It does give women several advantages in the water, however. They don’t expend as much energy, and they stay warm even when the water is very cold.

Leg Strength

Women are more adept at using their legs than men. Male drivers tend to focus on using their upper body to help them in the water, while women are able to tap into their lower-body strength. Richard Hinrichs and Scott Mclean determined that when a man and a women swim the same distance, the man usually kicks more. Women, therefore, are more efficient than men in the water, particularly when using fins that help them go longer distances with fewer kicks. They also take in less air because they are not working as hard. Along these same lines, women’s lungs are smaller. For this reason, they also don’t use as much air as men, even when not in the water. Therefore, their dives are able to last longer and they tend to have more air available for longer periods of time.


Spatial Awareness

Women look at the whole rather than the parts. This means that their spatial awareness skills are strong, which helps them in the water. Taking into account everything else mentioned above as well, women, therefore, do not disturb coral as much as male divers.

When you go diving, watch your friends closely. Do you notice a difference in how men dive versus how women dive? Who do you think are the more efficient divers? Regardless of your observations, we can all improve from one another, so it is always a good idea to watch and be open to tweaking your diving style.



Men Or Women


Men Or Women



May - 2020

Cave diving in Mexico is one of the main delights of Mexico. And it is even more fascinating if you are the kind of person that feels drawn to the thrills of challenging untouched underwater experience. Although cave diving expeditions are thrilling and captivating, the truth is that it can be quite dangerous. To ensure you are well geared and prepared for what lies ahead, this guide to cave diving in Mexico will answer critical questions and enlighten you.


1. Dangers of cave diving


Do not get it twisted, because cave diving is dangerous. Even in the introductory course of the Open Water Certificate, you will be taught how to handle stressful situations. In other to get ready for cave diving, you need to master a lot of drills, including:
● How to handle a situation when your tank runs out of air.
● How to handle equipment failure
● How to deal with losing a dive buddy
● What to do when your dive buddy gets tangled in the line
● What to do if you ever lose the line that connects to the exit of the cave.


2. Certificates and skills needed for cave diving


If you are that determined to cave dive, then you need to tick off some steps before you go on your first adventure:
● You must have completed an Advanced Open Water Course with a minimum of 130 feet dive.
● You must complete a specialist course related to cavern diving that will allow you to experience low-light conditions and overhead environments.
● You will also need to complete a night dive course


3. Diving techniques


It is all good and well to have all the required certificates and to know all the right caves to dive. But that is not enough, as you will still need to possess instructor-level buoyancy control, and perfect multiple propulsion techniques, including:
● Helicopter turns
● Back kicks
● Flutter kicks
● Frog kicks


4. Cave diving equipment


So far, we have highlighted cave diving is a highly specialized activity. So, having the right equipment is crucial to a successful dive. For example, get a single tank with K-valves with two separate on/off valves and regulator first stages. What this means is that if your valve-to-regulator O-ring should rupture, and the regulator starts to free-flow, you can still turn it off, and use the second tank. Most of the equipment you will be using will be reconfigured to ensure any risk of entanglement and silt kick-up is reduced. So, all inflator hoses, gauges, and regulars and fitted on the suit tightly.



Apr - 2020

Tulum is an all year round destination with lowly crowded sites, great visibility, and also access to both beautiful inland dives and sea dives. Tulum’s scene for diving is a mix of unique reefs and cenotes. The area view is also unique with amazing white sand beaches, incredible cenotes and reefs suited to offer perfect conditions for both beginners and expert divers, as well as to give you an exciting scuba diving in the crystal clear the Caribbean Sea. Diving in Tulum is quite an amazing experience you will never forget. Book a diving session with us, and you get to discover stunningly beautiful cenotes, incredible stalactite formations, and also stalagmite formations. Scuba diving in Tulum is suited to fit beginners and also diving experts. 


Diving Packages in Tulum


Diving in Tulum comes with different diving experiences, all aimed at giving you that amazing diving experience. The packages are of two types; December to April and also May to November. 


1. Within  December and April, the water is usually within the range of 25 and 28 degrees giving the diver a very cool feeling and an awesome view of nature. Large animals also come out to enjoy the cool water giving you an awesome diving experience.    


     2. For the best water diving experience, the May to November package is considered the best because it combines an unforgettable experience of diving and the beauty of nature. Green turtles and loggerhead turtles lay their eggs on the beaches, giving you a beautiful view of nature and enjoyable diving experience. We have in place, all the beautiful diving experiences you ever dreamt of having: snorkeling tours, diving in the beautiful sea with whale and bull sharks, giving you an unforgettable experience. 


Scuba Diving Tulum


Scuba Diving Tulum


Scuba diving in Tulum is the best holiday treat you can give yourself and your family. Our staff is always ready to give you and your family the best diving experience for your holidays. So book us today and enjoy the special packages we have for you and your family. Scuba diving Tulum is the place to be for you and your family holidays.


Cenote Tulum Diving 


Diving around the Cenote isn’t too extreme, unsafe, or anything near being heroic. If you want the best diving experience, then let us take you on that adventure. Allow us to show you the incredible beauty hidden in this world. We can guarantee you safety, and a relaxing dive in unique underwater passages. We believe giving at the Cenote Tulum is simple. 



Mar - 2020

Scuba diving is a wonderful way to get up close to the underwater world. People love to scuba dive and they will be able to in Mexico. Enjoying the sights is remarkable and there are many people that scuba dive on a regular basis because it is so enjoyable.


Playa Del Carmen Scuba Diving Unique Scuba Diving


Known for its tremendous opportunities, the Playa Del Carmen, unique scuba diving is some of the best that people can get a chance to do. Here are some places that they will want to try for great scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen:


1. Bull Shark Diving

Scuba diving in Playa del Carmen is fascinating, to say the least. A person can scuba dive for $120. They will also want to take note that they will be contributing $5 for Saving Our Sharks at Bull Shark Diving. A diver will want to know that even if they only dive once, the rate is the same. People come from all over the world to enjoy this type of scuba diving because it is so awesome.


2. Cenotes

Welcome to a unique experience. Diving the amazing caverns of the Riviera Maya. The cenote is a part of a cave ceiling, which collapsed leaving a natural entrance to the underground river system. The Mayans call them “Dznot” sacred well
Full of stalagmite, stalactite, and fossil they offer a unique experience


3. Jardines Reef

The Jardines Reef is a great place for beginner scuba divers to practice their skills but also for experienced divers that love all kinds of “critters”. Seeing huge green moray, crab, lobster, and stingray is what divers will see in an hour of time. Enjoying every minute of it is what a lot of people have to say about the experience that they loved.


4. Pluto Dive Dive Center

Pluto Dive is a place where people love to scuba dive with. Small group with 5 divers and 1 instructor and personalized service. The rates may change from time to time but it is worth every penny for all that a diver gets to see while they are enjoying the underwater world.

Scuba diving is something that many people enjoy. They are pleased with what they get to enjoy up close and they will always want to find even better places to dive at. Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen is some of the very best in the world.


Playa Del Carmen Scuba Diving



Feb - 2020

Cenote cave diving playa del carmen

The Wonders Of Cenote Cave Diving

Those who enjoy the thrill of discovery that is part and parcel of the SCUBA experience are continually on the lookout for the next experience that will live in their memories for years. One of the experiences that are growing in popularity is the opportunity to explore the unique underwater environments of the Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula’s Riviera Maya.

Cenotes were formed by the erosion of limestone by acidic rain that, over millennia, gradually led to the formation of underground caves. These caves are fed by rivers that flow through the limestone. In time the weight of the roofs and the continued effects of that slow growth of the caverns has led to the roof collapsing. The result has been some of the most visually stunning lagoons, many deep in the jungle.

Cenote cave diving playa del carmen


These lagoons are continually fed by above and below ground freshwater streams and rivers – however, there is another source of the water which fills them – and one that has divers in search of adventure flocking to plunge into one of the many Cenotes which dot areas such as the Playa Del Carmen. That other source is saltwater which flows up the course of the underground rivers and contributes to filling the Cenotes. This leads to the formation of a zone in the Cenotes called the ‘halocline’. This is a zone where the salt and fresh water meet. For those diving the Cenotes the Halocline is clearly visible – and one of the most fascinating sights available to SCUBA divers.

For experienced cave divers, Cenotes are also often the entrance to vast underwater cave systems – some well worth exploring. For instance, the Sistema Sac Actun is the longest underwater cave system in the world.

Cenote cave diving


The attractions of the Cenotes are almost too many to mention. With more than 7,000 to choose from in Yucatan, the diver (or snorkeler) is spoiled for choice. The Cenotes boast unique ecosystems with exotic fish species and flora. the settings of the Cenote are as close to paradise as possible. Colorful birdlife and dense jungle shelter these unique natural features. The waters are often crystal clear and visibility is incredible.

For the ancient Mayan culture in the Yucatan Cenotes were revered as places of worship. It was here that they could commune with Gods and receive the blessings of the clear blue-tinged waters.

Today divers from all over the world are rediscovering the wonders of the Cenotes. Cenote cave diving in Playa del Carmen is an experience that should be on every divers bucket list.