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Diving in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, a Tourists’ Mecca


Playa Del Carmen was once a small and sleepy little coastal town with spectacular beach views whose charms weren’t discovered by mainstream travel, a true unspoiled gem. Over time though, more and more people were able to find this Yucatan Peninsula village and it’s become less and less of a hidden treasure and more like a must-see place for a great beach vacation.


Tourists’ Mecca is located about 45 miles from Cancun and couldn’t be more different! The heart of Mexico’s Mayan Riviera, this tiny fishing village is now home to international restaurants, unique small hotels, and vacation rental homes.


Playa del Carmen has fantastic weather year-round and its world-class diving brings tourists from all around the world.


You’ll find miles of white sand beaches with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea to the west and lush green jungle to the east. There are so many watersports to do, lively nightlife, great restaurants and all sorts of jungle activities.


Known to locals just as “Playa”, having a location along the second largest barrier reef in the world, this dive destination is fast becoming a popular spot for both beginner and experienced divers. There are more than 15 dive sites in a 6 km radius and the boat rides are short leaving tons of time for diving and relaxation.


What’s really cool about diving in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is the vast and various amount of sea life that lives among the gardens of soft coral with visibility that can reach up to 30m/100ft.


If you want to try something really different, then try cave diving in one of the many cenotes in the jungle. Cenotes are the water-filled limestone sinkholes of the Yucatán. Playa is famous for its underwater cave system and is a mecca for the world’s best cave divers. One thing is for sure, diving in Playa Del Carmen, Tourists’ Mecca Mexico will be an experience never to be forgotten!


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