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Everything you need to know about cave diving in Mexico

If you’re a fan of recreational diving, then you should know that cave diving is an entirely new world. You will need to take different equipment as well as approach if you want to cave dive in Mexico successfully. It is because cave diving in Mexico is challenging and intrinsically more dangerous. Sounds scary? Well, it might be at first because it’s healthy to respect the dangers of the cave. However, the right training and sticking to the rules, you have nothing to worry about even when a difficulty occurs. Here are some things you need to know before you go cave diving in Mexico. 


1. Cave diving stress 

There are a lot of cave courses in Mexico, some of which are more stressful than the others. And as such, it is essential to stay calm, especially when you’re in a stressful situation. There are so many scenarios that could arise while cave diving that could cause stress. For example, problems with equipment, running out of air, visibility problems, losing the line, being stuck, or a combination of the above are known to cause panic in divers. So, in order to get divers prepared, drilling them in such extreme situations before the actual diving is essential. Because in a real case, it will most likely take a while before help comes, so being able to keep calm in the drill will help a lot if a situation arises in the real cave dive. 


2. Scuba Diving training

Another essential skill to have before thinking about cave diving is scuba training. Playa del Carmen scuba diving is a popular and ideal place to start scuba diving training. Why is scuba training so necessary? Well, because in most cave diving, divers use double tanks or rebreathers. So, if you do not have any idea how this equipment works, scuba diving is like a foundation for a start. Additionally, you’d also need buoyancy control and propulsion control for maneuvering in cave diving, which you will master from scuba diving. 


3. Cave diving equipment

Understanding cave diving equipment is also an important thing to know before cave diving all year long: Mexico, an ideal place to start cave diving, with the best season from November till February. However, whenever you decide to cave dive, ensure you get familiar with the equipment and choose the one that you feel most comfortable using. 


cave diving in Mexico

cave diving in Mexico

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