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Playa Del Carmen Real Estate – What Makes Beachfront Here Different?


By Thomas Luis Lloyd


No one could complain about life on the beach – especially not one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Yet, in the end, we often get the impression that all the beachfront tourist locations are slight variations on the same thing. In the case of Playa del Carmen real estate, however, there are some clearly distinguishing features that help explain why condos in Playa del Carmen have been a world-wide favorite over the past decade. The following are a few of those features:

Top Beaches

When someone decides to buy Playa del Carmen beachfront for sale, it’s important to note that they aren’t just buying on a beachfront, but they are buying on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. These beaches have soft, white sand and are very wide. The water is a clear turquoise. Both the sand and water are warm and beautiful for walking on. Vacationing next to the beach is one thing; living next to these beaches is another.

Low-Rise Buildings

Playa del Carmen’s growth and development have been defined by low-rise buildings. In fact, the building height is limited to 4 stories. Most are 2 or 3. This fact gives the town an image of being just that – a town. Most other successful beachfront tourist locations have their beach lined with high-rises that look like they belong in a city about 10 times the size. This factor makes a big difference for anyone buying Playa del Carmen beachfront for sale; if a buyer invests in a penthouse, they’ll have a pleasant view of the beach and the water, without feeling like they’re a mile away from your doorstep.

European Lifestyle

The low-rise, small-town image is one part of a larger lifestyle – a provincial lifestyle that many people feel is sort of European. This feeling is increased by the presence of many Italians, their “gelaterias,” pizza shops and nice pasta restaurants. Another part of this is the fact that residents can walk everywhere. Living on the beachfront, residents can walk to their favorite restaurants and cafes. They can also walk to the downtown supermarkets (Walmart, etc.) or, if they prefer, to local markets that have very good quality (and very well-priced) fruit, vegetables and seafood, caught locally.

Romantic Atmosphere

Playa del Carmen is ranked among the world’s top 10 romantic places, in company with places like Paris. The lifestyle described above really contributes to this. Also, enjoying wine at the table directly on the sand of the beach under the light of the moon, with the fresh breeze coming off the Caribbean – what could be more romantic? Even retired couples often feel that living in Playa del Carmen can add a new spark of romance to a decades-old marriage.

Safe & Clean Town

Playa del Carmen is one of the cleanest communities in Mexico (and Latin America, for that matter) not to mention one of the safest; this fact makes Playa del Carmen beachfront for sale one of the best beachfront options close to home. Walking down Fifth Avenue, the main pedestrian street running parallel to the beachfront, anyone will feel this is true – at any time of day or night. The Yucatan Peninsula has always been a much safer and cleaner location that many of the rougher areas up near the U.S. border, which almost seem to be a far-away country.

Excellent Pricing

One of the most important parts of all of this is that you can actually afford nice Playa del Carmen real estate, comfortable living, life’s little luxuries, etc.

There really is something distinct about Playa del Carmen. Anyone who’s been there can confirm this.

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