Nov - 2019

Technical Diving in Playa del Carmen With Pluto Dive


The underwater world of the Riviera Maya is rich with incredible sights and unforgettable experiences. Let our guides take you to colorful reefs, vibrant island banks, and mysterious cenote caverns.


However, not everything can be witnessed by a novice diver. There is more to see for those with the skills to go deeper and take their exploration farther. It takes special techniques to stay safe diving in a cave, or anywhere else where you can’t simply swim straight up to reach the surface. On top of that, especially deep dives require special breathing mixtures and decompression stops to safely come back to the surface.


“Technical diving” is a catchall term for diving that requires more advanced skills and equipment than basic recreational SCUBA diving. Many of the underwater caves, wrecks, and cliffs along the Playa del Carmen coast require specialized technical diving skills and equipment to explore. By mastering these skills you will open new diving possibilities for yourself.


More than any other diving center in Playa del Carmen, Pluto Dive has the equipment and the expertise to teach these advanced diving skills. Our team of diving instructors is all trained and certified by our chief instructor, Scott Carnahan. We offer training in every level of diving offered by the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)—that means we are prepared to teach the most advanced skills and cutting-edge equipment. Whatever your skill level, our courses can broaden your horizons and unlock dives that are currently beyond your reach. Our diving courses take only a few days, and almost all will let you put what you’ve learned into practice with actual diving.

A diver going into the water for the first time enters another world. Entering the deep water, and caves out of reach of the sun take you to still another world. We are proud to serve as guides and instructors who can make these amazing, impossible journeys possible. The wonderful experience of Playa del Carmen Diving.

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