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Riviera Maya coral reef

Tortuga: Garden of Turtles

This is one of the best Playa del Carmen diving spot. The reef extends from 18 to 20 meters below the surface. Divers can either visit this shallow area or go deeper, down to approximately 30 m.

Colorful corals and sponges render this dive spectacular and attract a large number of marine turtles.

Depending on the season you can see tarpons, sharks and other large fishes they all are common encounters.

A gentle current will drift divers along the dive site and it’ll be just like flying underwater.

Our boat will be waiting for divers at the end of the dive to easily take them onboard.

Enjoy with us Playa del Carmen diving!

Among caverns and archers

Los Arcos is a beautiful dive site, suitable for more experienced divers because of its maximum depth (around 30 m) and its typical landscape.

Indeed, divers will pass through submerged arches and visit many different caverns rich in crustaceans and other shy fauna.

During the dive, colorful fishes like pork fishes, barracudas and groupers will be common encounters. Visibility is always good and a gentle current is usual…

Cozumel island

The island of Cozumel sea park will astonish you with its luxuriant nature.

This park is in front of Playa del Carmen and can be reached in a 40 minutes speed boat ride. Here
you can meet quite curious residents.

Like sharks and turtles, beautifully colored fishes and huge sponges, in crystal clears waters.

Diving playa del carmen the best way to discover the Riviera Maya underwater!

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Playa del Carmen diving center

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