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Open Water Tech Diving

Deep reefs are the best reefs

The Cozumel Channel is home to amazing deep reefs on the Cantile wall. Extending far beyond recreational limits, these dives yield a unique perspective far beyond the standard "squeals and eels" dives available to recreational divers. The welcoming deep blue of the technical depths at El Cantile offer giant sponges, deep life, and the gift of technical drift diving in clear water along a canyon that drops from 130ft/40m to 1200ft/400m almost vertically.

As always, both backmount and Sidemount tech divers are welcome and supported on our boat, and we're happy to help you plan the dive or set of dives you have in mind.

Cost varies depending on mix - click below and we'll work with you to plan the best dive possible.
1 Day Guided Cave Diving
2 dives / 30-40 min of pentetration
2+ Days or 2+ Divers

Technical diving services

Guided Cave Diving

Explore some of the most unique caves the world has to offer with experienced guide and IANTD Instructor Trainer Alberto Salvini.
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Tech Diving Certification

Up your game, dive cooler dives, see cooler stuff. If you know, you know -- if you don't know, it's time for Intro to Tech.
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