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We at Pluto Dive are proud to offer a complete program of technical courses, starting from the basic and getting more advanced as the diver and Instructor improves with the levels.
We provide here in the Riviera Maya an amazing environment that you the diver and instructor can train in, between the great ocean diving of Playa del Carmen or Cozumel and the mazes of Cenotes for overhead training.

We are a team of IANTD instructors to many levels of technical and cave diving and are supported by Scott Carnahan , IANTD Instructor Trainer, who oversees and steers our Advanced Diver Training.

Scott actively teaches Instructor and diver courses worldwide to the highest levels, feel free to contact us to know the next date he is here in Pluto Dive.
All our instructor staff is prepared to teach at all tech levels 365 days a year.

We are 4 instructors training to many levels and can take groups and single divers all the time.
We are proud to have added a brand new certification program, the ESSENTIALS of DIVING, this course is the base for all diving activity and helps any and all divers of all levels to improve your level of fun and comfort underwater while learning proper team techniques.

Pluto Dive was the host of the first ESSENTIAL INSTRUCTOR TRAINING PROGRAM in Mexico in 2010 to show you our dedication to this program.
Here below you can find a complete list of the courses , for any information about prerequisites ,schedule , equipment needed ( rental or your own ) or any other question , please contact us at

About Technical Diver

IANTD Diver Courses

We offer IANTD diver training to all levels, that includes the levels that most don’t. We offer all IANTD training including Open Water Diver through Rescue Diver. This section is dedicated to our more popular and sought after Technical and Cave Diver Educational Programs.


Cave Diving

The Yucatan Peninsula lies on a limestone platform, which was formed millions of years ago. During several glacial periods ocean levels varied greatly. At different eras this region found itself submerged under water and at other times above the ocean surface.


IANTD Instructor Courses

We at Pluto Dive are happy to offer year round IANTD Instructor Training at our diving facility in Playa del Carmen. We offer Instructor training (and Diver) for nearly all levels and types of diving that exist.


IANTD Diver/Instructor/ ITT training FEB/MARCH 2018

February and March 2018 will be the next training session by Scott in the Riviera Maya. This time training will be done for divers , Instructors and Instructor Trainers in a number of different levels ranging from Advanced EANx Instructor Crossover through and including Advanced Cave Specialty Levels of Side-Mount , Stage and Hypoxic Trimix.


Tech Dive

Technical divers can find a perfect environment here in the Riviera Maya. We can dive deep walls in Playa del Carmen or Cozumel and wreck along the coast .


Cenote / Cavern

Our coast hosts countless dive sites ranging from easy and shallow ones down to those for more experienced divers and, of course, everybody will have the opportunity to try and discover the mighty cenotes.


IANTD Instructor Trainer Courses

ONE STUDENT courses at instructor levels will be charged 1.5 times the listed fees above. For more than one student the above listed prices are for groups of all sizes.


Side Mount Diving

Want to get in the new century and avoid the heavy back mounted doubles? we can teach you courses or organize guided dives with side mount equipment.



Pluto Dive


- This is a description -

  • Essentials

  • $ 180/Minimum 3 days

  • Basic Nitrox course

  • $ 180/Minimum 2 days

  • Deep Air

  • $ 200/Minimum 3 days


  • $ 220/Minimum 3 days

  • Deep Air/Advanced Nitrox

  • $ 250/Minimum 4 days

  • Technical diver

  • $ 250/Minimum 4 days

  • Dpv Pilot Open Water

  • $ 250*/Minimum 2 days

  • Rebreather CCR - Poseidon MK VI

  • $ 250*/Minimum 4 days


Pluto Dive


- This is a description -

  • Cavern

  • $ 220/Minimum 3 days

  • Intro to cave

  • $ 220/Minimum 3/4 days

  • Cavern+ Intro to cave

  • $ 220/Minimum 5/6 days

  • Full Cave

  • $ 250/Minimum 4 days

  • Modular Course - Cavern to Full Cave

  • $ 220/Minimum 8/10 days

  • Technical Cave diver

  • $ 250/Minimum 4 days

  • Open Water Side mount

  • $ 180/Minimum 3 days

  • Cave Side mount

  • $ 220/Minimum 3 days

  • Advanced Cave Side mount

  • $ 250/Minimum 3 days

Technical Diver Course descriptions:

Advanced Nitrox

This program is designed to extend the knowledge in the use of Nitrox for sport diving Employing mixes up to 1.5 PO2. Qualifies divers to dive to a max depth of 140 fsw ( 42 msw) and do deco stops required in the dives up to 15 minutes.
Min. 3 day course , price per day usd $220

Recreational Rebreather

Only taught with Poseidon Discovery MK VI.
Designed to train recreational divers in the safer use and technology of basic CCR
Diving with no decompression and constant 1.2 PO2 , for basic level depth will be
Up to 70 fsw (20msw) and for advanced level will be up to 100 fsw ( 30 msw).
Min 4 days , price p/day usd 330

Open Water DPV

The program is designed to provide safe training in use of DPV’s in open water and be aware of conservation concerns and ethical responsibilities during DPV use.
Min 2 day , price p/day usd 250

Tech Diver

Designed to train divers to conduct dives between 100 fsw (30 msw) and 170 fsw (51msw), using costume blends, is giving a complete knowledge of the limits of any EANx mix and the use of EANx and pure Oxigen for decompression.
Outside training the diver can be perform dives up to 180 fsw ( 54 msw)
Min. 4 day , price p/day usd 250

Deep Air + Advanced Nitrox

Is the perfect combination to get in deep diving and learn the use of EANx.
Min. 4 day course , price p/day usd 250

Deep Air

This program is designed to provide training to divers who plan dives to a maximum of 130 fsw (39 msw) on Air.
It is recommended the program to be taught in conjunction With EANx or Adv EANx program.
Min 3 day course , price p/day usd 200

Basic Nitrox

Designed for sport divers who want to enjoy a safer way to conduct dives between 40 to 130 fsw ( 12 to 39 msw ).
The program covers the use of EANx mixes in the range of 21% to a maximum of 40% Oxigen. We teach the course in minimum 2 days with 2 dives.
Price p/day usd 190


This is a mid level specialty course , designed to extend proficiency in the water, Can be taught in single or double cylinders ( recommended ).
Considered the basic level to start with more advanced diving program.
Minimum 3 day course , price p/day usd 180

Cavern and Cave Dive Course descriprions:

Intro to Cave

Is the first step to dive in overhead environment and go beyond the day light zone.
NO complex navigation is taught.
Min. 3 day , price usd 220 p/day

Cavern + Intro

The course is done in double cylinders only, is considered the first step to become a full cave diver.
Prepare divers to dive safely beyond the day light with no complex navigation, is the perfect choice for people who do not have the time to stay mor than a week.
Min. 5 day , price p/day usd 220

Advanced Cave Side Mount

Designed for who is already a side mount cave diver or a very experienced cave diver.
Giving the knowledge and the techniques to safely conduct cave diving involving side mount / no mount configuration as small passages , logistic and restrictions , gas management , emergency and mind set.
Expose cave divers to the conservatism concerns and ethic responsibilities that present themselves during side mount / no mount diving in underwater caves.
Min day 2 , price usd 250

Cave Side Mount

Designed for who is already a full cave diver and want to learn another and safe way to enjoy the overhead environment,
familiarize with techniques , equipment configuration and mindset for side mount cave diving.
Min 3 day , price p/day usd 250

Open Water Side Mount

During the course the student will familiarize with the techniques, equipment configuration and mindset for safe side mount diving.
Min 3 day , price usd 180 p/day

Modular Course ( Cavern+Intro+ Full Cave)

Is designed to reach the full cave diver level within small but intensive steps.
Depending on the level of the diver can be taught in 8 to 10 days , if student is already Side mount diver, Advanced and with 100 dives the course can be taken in side mount Configuration.
Min 8 day , price p/day usd 220

Full Cave ( completing once already Intro to Cave)

Prepare the diver to safe cave diving giving knowledge on complex navigation and if doing Tech cave, on use of EANx for diving and EANx and pure Oxigen for decopmpression.
Min 4 day , price p/day usd 250

Cavern and Wreck

Entry level for any overhead activity , can be taught in single or double cylinder.
Prepare divers to div e in overhead environment within the limits of daylight penetration, give the knowledge in use of continuous guideline, following with and with no visibility , trim, finning techniques, gas management and emergency procedures.
Min. 3 day , price p/day usd 220

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