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Playa del Carmen cave diving guided tours


The Yucatan Peninsula lies on a limestone platform, which was formed millions of years ago. During several glacial periods ocean levels varied greatly. At different eras this region found itself submerged under water and at other times above the ocean surface.

It is during lower water level periods that the caves were originally formed. Heavy rains fell on this rock plain and found their way deep into the ground absorbing carbon dioxide from the soil and decaying plants.

This mixture is known as carbonic acid and it is able to dissolve the weaker rock creating large underground voids and passages as the water finds its way to the sea. In this process, Speleothems (stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, etc.) were formed in the passages as the “liquid stone” re-solidified creating a magical environment beyond imagination.

During the last ice age, ocean levels were 100 feet/30 meters lower than today. Approximately 18.000 years ago the ice began to melt and the ocean eventually rose to its current level, flooding the passages and creating a massive network of subterranean rivers unlike anywhere else on Earth.

The mysterious Maya civilization  whose culture  rose to its highest phase from 300 AD to 900 AD, inhabited this unique region. Using the Cenotes (sacred wells) not only as a water source but also as an important part of their mythology, believing that the Cenotes are “windows to the underworld” and a key to their after life. Ceremonies and rituals were performed and offerings were made to the “Gods of the Underworld”. In some cavern systems artifacts can still be found.

Cave diving Playa del Carmen in the unique and amazing cenote


It is very important never to touch or disturb anything in the caverns, especially something of an archaeological nature.

Today adventurous full cave divers can safely visit this enchanted and awesome place!!!

The water is so clear and the colors so shining that once you are immersed every distance seems quite small.

A magnificient natural show where you can discover inside large submerged rooms some fossil fishes and shells together with pieces of quarz and huge stalactites and stalagmites.


USD 230 for 1 diver

USD 210 for 2 divers

USD 190 for 3 divers

For 1 stage dive or 2 dives in the same day , depending on the certification level

extra cost: entrance fees usd 10 to 30 , equipment rental ( wings back plate,harness,2 complete regulators) usd 45 day, primary
light usd 20 day, 2 backup lights usd 15 day,  Eanx 32 usd 3 cf.

no other equipment is rented

Are you cave diver? It’s time to discover the amazing cave diving Playa del Carmen!

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