Iantd Diver Courses

IANTD Diver Courses

We offer IANTD diver training to all levels, and that includes the levels that most don’t. We offer all IANTD training from Open Water Diver through Rescue Diver. This section is dedicated to our most popular and sought after Technical and Cave Diver Educational Programs.

Divers who are looking for any level of diver training should feel free to email us at any time and just ask us a question on how we can best serve you. Our staff includes 4 highly experienced Instructors who will happily answer any questions and who look forward to diving or teaching you.

Open Water Technical Diving is offered all year long with us at Pluto Dive. We are fortunate here in Playa del Carmen to have just a short boat ride from our Dive Center some very deep walls, reefs,and wrecks.Most of our diving is done Drift Style offering some unique and advanced styled diving.Our wall, just in front of our store, offers depths for training open water divers on Reefs through Hypoxic Trimix Divers.In addition to our local wall diving during training we also have Cozumel Island just in front of us for more practice on the Deep Walls. We offer training in all aspects of Air,Nitrox, Normoxic Trimix and Hypoxic Trimix Diving.We offer programs in decompression diving at the deeper depths using one, two or more decompression stage cylinders.We offer Backmount and Sidemount training as well as the use of DPV(scooters) in the ocean.

Cavern and Cave Diving in Mexico is one of the most popular advanced or technical programs we offer. Cavern, Introduction to Cave, Cave Diver, Technical Cave Diver, and some Advanced Cave Diver Programs are all offered here at Pluto Dive. Depending on your desires we can set up the overhead environment training program that suits your needs. Our Cave Diver Instructional Staff teaches diving to all levels in English, Spanish, or Italian whatever is easier for our customers. Our gear and techniques in diving and training are all cutting edge. Every diver will benefit from the skills learned in this program and many swear it has changed extremely for the better all of their diving.

You’ll find the list of the most popular courses we offer below, please contact us for any additional questions you might want answered.


Get your Cave Certification in the most amazing place in the world

- Courses -

  • Essentials Courses 2/3 Days

  • $ 220 usd a day

  • Open Water Sidemount 3 Days

  • $ 220 usd a day

  • Tek Open Water Sidemount 2 Days

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Cavern Diver 3 days

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Intro to Cave 4 days

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Cavern + Intro to Cave 5/6 days

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Cave Course 8 /10 days

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Deep Air 4 days

  • $ 200 usd day

  • Advanced Nitrox 4 days

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Technical Diver 4 days

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Technical Cave Diver 2 days

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Normoxic Trimix Diver 3 days

  • $ 260 usd day

  • Advanced Cave DPV Diver 3 days ( please add DPV rental )

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Advanced Cave Stage Multi Stage Diver 3/4 days

  • $ 260 usd day

  • Advanced Cave Sidemount no mount Diver 3 days

  • $ 250 usd day

  • Advanced Cave Survey Diver 3 days

  • $ 280 usd day


    • These prices DO NOT include work book, certification fee, equipment and entrance fee

      Rental equipment is avalaible


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