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We at Pluto Dive are happy to offer year round IANTD Technical Diving Instructor Training at our diving facility in Playa del Carmen all year round. We offer Instructor training (and Diver) for nearly all the levels and types of diving that exist. This goes from Open Water Instructor levels through Nitrox and Trimix. We also offer all levels of Overhead Environment Instructor Training which includes Cavern, Intro to Cave, Cave and Technical Cave Instructor Levels. In addition we offer nearly every specialty Instructor Level for both Open Water and Overhead Environment Instructors. These levels include such Advanced Specialties as DPV, SIDEMOUNT, STAGE / MULTISTAGE for open water and Advanced Cave Levels.

Pluto Dive offers Instructor and Professional Training for serious Instructors who want the best training at a great facility.

A few things we do to put our standards where we want them, and well above the rest.

1. We offer 2 tanks boat trips twice a day every day for divers and professionals in training or practicing. We feel this provides candidates with the time and in water practice needed along with flexibility in scheduling.

2. We train in the water of the ocean and in cenotes and caves. Our instructors and instructor trainer DIVE. Our courses put you in the water in addition to the classroom more than any other.

3. We are one of the few and Playa del Carmen’s only Facility to offer diving services from Recreational through Technical and Cave Diving every day of the year. Our owners and employees all enjoy diving well above the levels they teach. Come and find out for yourself what a fun active store we are.

4. All of our Instructor Training is done personally by IANTD Instructor Trainer Alberto Salvini. Alberto, in addition to being a BOD member for IANTDCA Licensee, has been working in Mexico and Central America’s for more than 15 years as active Instructor and Instructor Trainer.

5. Our IANTD ITT Scott Carnahan verify personally all our training and programs. Scott, in addition to being a Licensee for IANTD, has been Mexico and Central America’s most active Instructor Trainer many years running and his experience in Open Water, Wreck, Cave, CCR and Trimix diving makes him one of the most experienced instructors worldwide.

As recently as in 2009 and 2010 Pluto Dive has given our diving community some firsts in Instructor Training.

1. We offered the FIRST IANTD Essentials of Diving Diver and Instructor Training Program. Scott has worked with this program from the beginning and our committement to raise the bar for all diver training prompted us to make this program available.

2. We offered the FIRST IANTD Poseidon MK6 Discovery Diver programs working to stay on top of the latest technology in diving.

3. We offered the FIRST IANTD OPEN WATER SIDEMOUNT AND OPEN WATER DPV Instructor Programs in Mexico. We continue to help all divers achieve advanced levels in all environments.
Please see below the lists of courses we offer and the prices associated with them and feel free to contact us

Aberto Salvini IANTDMCA IT #804

IANTD MCA Membership Service Director
+52 1 984 151 9045

Instructor Training Price List 2019

Pluto Dive

Sport Diver Instructor Levels

- $200 USD daily -

  • Openwater Instructor 7-8 days

  • $ 1500 USD

  • Nitrox Instructor Crossover 3-4 days

  • $ 600 USD

  • Nitrox Instructor 7-8 days IDC

  • $ 1500 USD

  • Open Water Sidemount Instructor

  • $ 600 USD

  • Essentials of Diving Instructor

  • $ 500 USD

Pluto Dive

Technical Diver Instructor Levels

- $200 – 300 USD daily -

  • Advanced Nitrox Instructor cross over 3-4 days

  • $ 600 USD

  • Advanced Nitrox Instructor 8 day

  • $ 1600 USD

  • Technical Diver Instructor 3 day

  • $ 900 USD

  • Normoxic Trimix Instructor 3 day

  • $ 900 USD

  • Trimix Instructor 4 day

  • $ 1200 USD


Pluto Dive

Cave and Wreck Diver Instructor Levels

- $250 USD daily -

  • Cavern / Wreck Diver Instructor 4 days

  • $ 1000 USD

  • Intro to Cave Instructor 4 days

  • $ 1000 USD

  • Technical Cave Instructor 4 days

  • $ 1000 USD

Pluto Dive

Advanced Cave Diver Instructor Levels

- 300 USD daily -

  • Sidemount Cave Diver Instructor 4 days

  • $ 1200 USD

  • Stage / Multi Stage Cave Diver Instructor 4 days

  • $ 1200 USD

  • DPV Cave Diver Instructor 4 days

  • $ 1200 USD


Pluto Dive

Blender and Technician Instructor Levels

  • Nitrox Blending Instructor 2 days

  • $ 300 USD

  • Trimix Blending Instructor 2 days

  • $ 300 USD

  • Life Support System Technician Instructor 2 days

  • $ 300 USD


Expenses and fees


The above prices are per person, include instructor level training and evaluation at the levels stated for the number of days stated on average.


The above prices are for instruction only and does not include anything else, no water, lunch, tanks, fills, entrance fees, boat fees etc. If there is any questions about the other prices and needed gear etc please find out IN ADVANCE what the charges are going to be and who is organizing everything else (or the extras).


Upon candidates successful completion of Instructor Level Training there is a required Instructor Registration fee for each level of training. This fee depends on the country and Licensee area but ranges from 100 to 300usd in most cases. This is not included in prices above. Instructors must also be members IANTD and this price also ranges from $100usd to $500usd per year for IANTD Membership. This price also depends on which Licensee Territory the Instructor will be training divers in.


Travel and accommodation expenses to locations calculate on a individual basis, tax depending on county and location. 16% I.V.A. tax is not included.

Alberto Salvini IT #804

IANTDCA Membership Director


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