Side Mount Diving Playa del Carmen

Side Mount Diving

Want to get in the new century and avoid the heavy back mounted doubles?

we can teach you courses or organize guided dives with side mount equipment.

Cave diver and wreck explorers has used this configuration which has cylinders mounted alongside the diver, below the shoulders and along the hips to reach smaller sections of cave/wrecks.

Now people who want to dive with different configuration or have problem to  dive with heavy doubles can use side mount and  enjoy diving in deep walls  or narrow caves without carrying a ton of equipment.

If you have back problem try side mount diving and you will feel the difference

We start our courses with Open Water Side mount diver and get in more advanced levels.

Let’s go side mount diving!

We can provide equipment at good cost as we are Dive Rite dealers. Feel free to contact us for any question you have about prices , schedule and configuration.

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